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Membership Application Form
GSI Membership Application
Instructions: Please enter your information. Answer all questions.

Guard Service International (Provider of Security Services to third parties) SECURITY STAFFING, LLC (Provider of Staffing to this Application & by Agreement with Guard Service International)
  • Personal Information

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  • No Dashes
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  • If (NO) please explain below.
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  • GSI has mostly nighttime schedules, which include working weekends and Holidays. Is this acceptable to you? If so, what hours do you prefer?
  • Security Officer Duties require walking for long periods of time. Will this be a problem for you? if yes explain.
  • GSI requires that all accepted members pass an entrance examination, which is given, at the end of our three-day orientation before being assigned to any post. If you are accepted there will be no charge to attend the training session. Is this acceptable to you?
  • Do you understand that a Security Officer even if armed is NOT a Police Officer?
  • It will be your responsibility to get to your scheduled assignment on your own and it is not the responsibility of GSI Do you understand and accept this?
  • I Understand: It's my responsibility to check email daily.
  • I Understand: It's my responsibility to update address.
  • I Understand: It's my responsibility to take care of all Issued equipment.
  • I Understand: It's my responsibility to keep a working Phone and GSI has the correct number.
  • I Understand: It's my responsibility to turn in all daily Paperwork, including time and reports.

    Present Or Last Position:
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  • Input hourly wage, if not salaried.
  • Previous Position
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  • Input hourly wage, if not salaried.
  • Take one picture of self and upload.
  • Take one picture of self and upload.
  • Take one picture of self and upload.
  • **READ: Upload any Documents or Certificates that you have obtained. You may upload Drivers Licenses, Criminal History Check (within 30 days) and any other documents you think that may qualify you for membership.

    I certify that the information given in this application is true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I understand that this application is not a contract of employment. I further understand that either Guard Service International or Security Staffing, LLC. or I may terminate membership with or without cause my Membership and compensation at any time. I understand that submission of the application in no way assures me a position and that no Guard Service International representative has the authority to enter into any Membership agreement with me contrary to the foregoing.

    Membership with Guard Service International is contingent upon successfully passing a three day non paid orientation before being hired, a medical and physical examination (which will include a drug screening provided at no cost to the applicant).
    I understand that failure to submit a complete application may disqualify me from consideration for a position.

    I understand that any untrue statement in the application may result in my dismissal at any time during my Membership with Guard Service International.

    I understand and agree that I will follow all policy and procedures of Guard Service International. I understand and agree that Guard Service International uses a mobile application for report writing and guard control. I understand that I will not hold Guard Service International responsible for any damages via a third party application or software. I further understand that I will not be compensated for the use of my cellular telephone. However, I agree that while employed at Guard Service International I will maintain working service with my telephone provider and while on duty that I will keep my GPS tracking device on at all times.

    I authorize the release of high school and college transcripts, information concerning my previous employment and any information my former employers may have pertinent to the application and the Membership procedures of Guard Service International. I release all parties from all liability for any damage that may result from requesting, providing, processing, retaining or releasing any information about me. A photographic copy of this authorization shall be as valid as the original.

    I understand resumes, letters of reference, certificates, etc., submitted with the application become the property of Guard Service International and cannot be returned. The information I have provided on the application is subject to public disclosure under the Open Records Act.

    I authorize, and give my consent for Guard Service International to take my picture or video during the course of Membership. I understand and agree that these photos or video may include images of me performing my duties.

    I understand that I have no rights to these photos or video, and they shall be used exclusively for company business. I further understand and acknowledge that there will be no compensation for these photos.

    I understand that disclosure of my Social Security number on this application for Membership is voluntary, That this information is solicited pursuant to policies, and that it is intended to be used for the purposes of identification and tracking for Membership transactions.

    I hereby acknowledge and understand that, as part of my application for membership for a position, which involves the performance of safety-sensitive functions I must submit to a urine drug test. I acknowledge and understand that any offer of membership is contingent on the passing of the aforementioned drug test and I will not be assigned to perform a safety-sensitive function unless my urine drug test has a verified negative result having no evidence of prohibited drug use.

    By signing this application, I hereby acknowledge that I understand and agree to all provisions outlined herein.

    Guard Service International or Security Staffing, LLC does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age or disability in Membership or the provision of services.
  • I agree that my affixed typed name shall serve as my original signature.
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